A review of Rocket Piano – Piano Classes for novices

I bought Rocket Piano so I assumed IĀ piano lessons dallasĀ  would do an assessment with the course that will help anybody who’s wondering about acquiring it. I’ll tell you that which you get, what is actually fantastic, what I didn’t like and I am going to also inform you a couple of enjoyment little reward you will get with study course.

So here’s anything you get from the Rocket Piano study course. You can get a number of structured classes and workout routines that consider you from the fundamental principles all through to advanced techniques, all broken down in compact uncomplicated to follow downloadable lessons. You can get PDF documents, mp3 information and video clips in mp4 structure. Should you be a newbie like me you will likely want to start out using the 6 element introductory program that may give you a brief style of what’s during the primary “Ultimate Finding out Kit”. This addresses the basic principles which include ways to sit correctly, what fingers to work with, hand positions, exactly what the keys imply, the musical alphabet, time signatures, rhythm, intervals, chords and a few primary musical symbols.

These six beginners’ lessons are certainly not downloadable classes. These are short lessons and each is viewable on its own net site which you could entry from in the associates location. You will even get to participate in uncomplicated tracks proper from lesson just one also to you should definitely played them correctly you’ll be able to simply click on the backlink delivered which can play the mp3 this means you can hear what it should really sound like. The primary element of the program is named the “Ultimate Studying Kit” it is composed of fifty seven movie tutorials, bonus software package, jam tracks and sample tracks and 7 e-books: Beginners, Intermediate, Sophisticated, Introduction to Jazz, Introduction to Gospel, Fingering Strategy & Exercises and Superior Understanding Procedures. There are also audio downloads to accompany every e-book. The e-books are all PDF documents which you could download to your computer or E-reader.

Get started while using the Newbies e-book even if you’ve had previous piano lessons or have done the 6 part introductory program first. You will go by the first component of it quickly and it’ll refresh your studying. The beginner’s module starts with some interesting piano facts and history of your piano as well as how the piano works. You could skip over this if you wanted to get straight on to the classes but they’re interesting and it’s only a few pages. Although it’s termed the beginner’s book, it is 167 pages and has 90 tracks to learn so by the end you will have progressed your playing to level where you can be able to read and understand music and engage in fairly complex pieces of music. There is also a revision test at the end from the beginner’s module to recap what you’ve learned.

I’m still on the beginner’s e-book (there’s seven in total appropriate up to superior), each individual book is comprehensively written while using the appropriate skill level in mind and they all have easy to understand helpful diagrams. Incorporated throughout each and every eBook are icons that prompt you to either play a video or enjoy an mp3 track associated with that particular lesson. So you read a bit on the book to get an overall understanding then watch the relevant movie when prompted that explains it and shows you or lets you listen to a song example.

There’s a lot to love about this training course.

– It’s structured in incremental lessons which necessarily mean you are always moving towards being a better piano player and every lesson builds over the previous classes.

– There is a progress tracker included at the start off in the Beginner’s eBook you can check off as you learn each individual concept and system which means you know how far you’ve progressed inside the program and to keep you on track. I really liked this very simple feature, it helps keep on track and because I am a visual person, I love to be able to see how I am progressing.

– The video clips are professional, nice to watch, uncomplicated to understand and only 1-2 minutes long so they get straight to the point and show you in a simple way everything you need to do.

– All the audio, movie and workbook documents are standard type mp3, mp4 & PDF files which are downloadable and compatible with any computer, iPad, iPod, tablet etc. This means all your classes are portable and available on demand and that means you don’t have an internet connection every time you have a lesson.

– You get professional jam tracks (with and without piano section muted) to play along with and sample tracks to listen to correctly everything you should really be playing.

– Rocket Piano comes with some (PC & Mac compatible) bonus program that includes a metronome, and interactive games to improve your discovering on pitch, chords and keys.

– And my favorite a very easy but cool music theory game. This is the exciting reward that I mentioned earlier. It’s a visual game a bit like space invaders; you open and play it on your desktop or laptop computer. It’s quite addictive; you may choose the skill level and game options and compete to have a high score. The great thing I love about this is that you simply almost don’t notice you’re discovering as you enjoy. It’s a totally different way of mastering than traditional methods so it really helps cement while in the lessons on music theory. I highly recommend playing this game as component of your piano understanding classes. I am not a particularly fast learner so unlike formal lessons, I love that I can go at my individual pace and get all the time I need to watch, read and listen to just about every lesson as many times as I need to. It was hard to find things I failed to like about Rocket Piano but one thing I discovered and at times found to be a very little inconvenient was having to go back and forth to my keyboard/piano to enjoy an exercise because the information was on my computer in a different room. There is an upgrade version in the course available inside the associates space which is the hard copy edition of the training course, so that’s a single way around it but there’s nothing to stop you printing the PDF yourself this means you can easily read it in front of your keyboard/piano. Also, if you have an e-reader, just use that to read from at your piano, that’s what I ended up doing.